Maeko Productions offers creative and original video production services on a sliding scale payment system, including promotional videos, documentational videos, kickstarter videos, performance reels, and the like. Please see 'Portfolio' tab for work samples.


Founded in 2010 by Charli Brissey, Maeko Productions currently operates as a cross-disciplinary performance and media arts company based on the ideas and projects produced by Brissey and collaborator Courtney Harris. These two artists work with a rotating panel of rockstar collaborators, including dancers, sound artists, video artists, photographers, sculptors, writers, scholars, and so on. Based in Richmond, VA, Maeko Productions has presented video and performance works at a variety of venues arond the globe, including the Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center, The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Bangalore Queer Film Festival, D.C. Independent Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, the National Queer Arts Festival, Paris International Lesbian and Fesminist Film Festival, The Nottingham Playhouse, Dance Camera West, LOIKKA Dance Film Festival of Helsinki, The CURRENT SESSIONS, the Center for Performance Research, Dance New Amsterdam, and over 50 others.